Creating, compiling, interpreting, and disseminating new research is fundamental to the mission of Drug Free America Foundation (DFAF). Our team has been quite busy, producing six new resources covering a variety of topics including:
  • Apps Parents and Caregivers Should Know: How familiar are you with the apps on your child’s phone? Do you know which apps are used to hide photos/videos or the apps used to meet random strangers? Check out our new resource to learn more and how to protect your child.
  • Behavioral Health Equity: Learn about behavior health equity including stats on gender and racial disparities.
  • Stigma Associated with Substance Use: Did you know that stigma hinders people from seeking help and escalates feelings of stress and isolation? Learn more including how to reduce stigma in the workplace and ways individuals can work to reduce stigma.
  • Substance Use Recovery in the Workplace: Learn about recovery including recovery-ready workplaces.
  • Impacts of Marijuana Legalization: Learn the truth about the legalization of marijuana including the many adverse impacts on society.
  • Vaping: Learn about the harms associated with vaping including stats associated with vaping and youth, marijuana, and CBD.
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