Marijuana may be worse for teen brains than alcohol, study finds

Teen brains are more vulnerable to the effects of marijuana than alcohol, a new study finds.

Australian Study Demonstrates Consequences of Youth Marijuana Use

Researchers in Australia released the results of a new study examining the consequences of long-term marijuana use that began in adolescence or young adulthood. A total of 1,792 participants were included in the longitudinal study spanning 20 years (from ages 15-35). Investigators found that compared to non-users, both young‐adult and adolescent‐onset regular users were 20 times more likely to have used other illicit drugs, 4 times more likely be heavy drinkers, and 7 times more likely to be daily tobacco smokers. There were also less than half as likely as non-users to be in romantic relationships. Dr. Sharif Mohr, epidemiologist...

NEW!! Alternatives to Incarceration Video

With an estimated 35 million people suffering from substance use disorders globally, which experts consider to be a chronic disease, drug abuse may lead to other crimes and it's often better addressed with rehabilitation rather than incarceration.


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