9th Annual Prevention Summit

Join us in Tampa, Florida on August 30-31, 2021 for two days of drug education and prevention training. National experts will discuss the impacts of drug abuse, research, current policies, emerging trends, and prevention strategies that strengthen communities.

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Any use of marijuana is associated with higher risk of suicidality in young Americans

In a newly released study of over 280,000 young adults ages 18-35, use of marijuana was strongly associated with suicidal ideation, suicide plan, and suicide attempt. Compared to non-users, researchers found that those reporting marijuana use were 1.4 times more likely to have suicidal thoughts, 1.6 times more likely to formulate a suicide plan, and 1.4 times more likely to attempt suicide. These findings persisted even after researchers controlled for confounding factors including major depressive episode, frequency of marijuana use, and presence of cannabis use disorder. In other words, any use of marijuana was independently associated with suicidality. The relationship...

NEW!! Alternatives to Incarceration Video

With an estimated 35 million people suffering from substance use disorders globally, which experts consider to be a chronic disease, drug abuse may lead to other crimes and it's often better addressed with rehabilitation rather than incarceration.


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