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VOLUME 12, ISSUE 1- Winter 2018

Addressing Drug Policy for Effective Change

The first of our two very timely and significant papers, A New Narrative to Understand the Opioid Epidemic, is by Robert L. DuPont, MD. In this piece, he expertly outlines the complicated circumstances that have led to our current opioid epidemic, and what it will take all stakeholders to change the current opioid epidemic story into finding sustainable solutions through a new narrative. The urgent effort to begin work on this has serious implications not only for the U.S., but worldwide.

The second paper included in this edition is titled, State Drug Policy Offices: Unique, Effective Policy Brokers, by Bruce Grant, PhD, makes the case for states engaging a drug policy officer to effectively develop, coordinate, and implement drug policy. He says, “State drug policy offices have certainly proven their worth. Governors and legislatures who are serious about addressing substance abuse should seriously consider adopting this model.”

And finally, in our Commentary, For a Healthy Brain Teens Make “One Choice,” Dr. Robert DuPont shares information on a new social messaging campaign designed to encourage adolescents to make “one choice” to not use any substances. Following his above-referenced paper, A New Narrative to Understand the Opioid Epidemic, Dr. DuPont has developed this new campaign to prevent young people from becoming vulnerable to future opioid addiction by avoiding all substance use. This concept is unified in its approach to address all types of substance use rather than just focusing on one drug at a time. Dr. DuPont provides statistics that show the numbers of teens who avoid all substances and the rationale for this critical substance abuse prevention movement.

The Journal of Global Drug Policy and Practice, a joint effort of the Institute on Global Drug Policy and the International Scientific and Medical Forum on Drug Abuse, is an international, open access, peer-reviewed, online journal with the goal of bridging the information gap on drug policy issues between the medical/scientific community, policymakers and the concerned lay public.

Edited by Eric A. Voth, MD, FACP and David A. Gross, MD, DFAPA, our intended readership includes clinicians, clinical researchers, policymakers, prevention specialists and the interested public.

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