We’re excited to announce that DFAF has kicked off our Marijuana and Pregnancy project in the state of Florida. The project is funded through the Florida Department of Health and is focused on reducing the number of women using marijuana while pregnant and breastfeeding through educating communities at regional town hall meetings and webinars, developing a media campaign, designing an online training course for prevention and treatment professionals, creating and disseminating educational resources, and establishing a statewide taskforce.

The project will run through 2023 and is already in full swing with the creation of a Neonatal Marijuana Exposure Task Force, which meets virtually monthly, and the development of a dedicated webpage. Several new educational resources for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and women of childbearing age have been developed and our first of several webinars was conducted titled, Fetal and Neonatal Exposure: Speaking for Those Unable to Speak for Themselves.  Click on the below photos and links to download and share.

Resources on the potential effects of marijuana use during pregnancy and child development: