Welcome to National Drug-Free Work Week! This week we are sharing drug-free workplace themes each day and spotlighting one of our collaborators.

Today, the National Drug Free Workplace Alliance and National Drug Screening are emphasizing the ongoing importance of drug testing in the workplace. Drug testing protects the health and safety of all employees as well as the productivity of the workforce. Here are some points to remember:

• OSHA requires that employers provide workplaces that are free from hazards, that includes the being under the influence of drugs and alcohol while on the job.
• Quest Diagnostics indicates that there has been a rise in drug test positivity rates for pre-employment and workplace substance use testing.
• Workplace drug testing programs help employees with substance use problems to get help earlier.

Please watch these videos on drug testing and find additional resources below.


A special thank you to Tom Fulmer of National Drug Screening for collaborating with us today!