Welcome to National Drug-Free Work Week This week we are sharing drug-free workplace themes each day and spotlighting that  drug-free workplaces are vital to business.

Today, the National Drug Free Workplace Alliance and Drug Free Business are emphasizing the ongoing importance of drug-free workplace programs to businesses, especially in these trying times. It is essential that employers provide a strong message to all workers that drugs negatively impact workers’ productivity and the company’s bottom line. Here are some points to remember:

  • People with substance use disorders may be particularly susceptible to COVID-19.
  • Over 75% of employers have been affected in some way by employee opioid use.
  • The employee drug testing positivity rate is at its highest in 16 years – 28% higher than the thirty-year low 10 years ago.

Drug Free Business, is a national provider of drug-free workplace programs, drug testing, and training located in the Seattle area of Washington.


For more information and to learn how drug-free workplace programs are are vital to business, visit the National Drug Free Work Week web page.