New Episode in DFAF’s P2P Podcast

In this podcast episode, Tracey Ford shares her compelling journey from a challenging upbringing in Sheffield, UK, to her remarkable work in the recovery field. Coming from a background of dysfunction, teenage pregnancy, and subsequent struggles with drugs and coercive relationships, Tracey’s life took a positive turn after being sectioned due to drug-induced psychosis. Discharged without aftercare and determined to change, she left her past behind, including her partner and a life of crime. Tracey’s turning point came with the support of a compassionate GP who encouraged her instead of prescribing drugs. This led to a long and successful career in recovery, where she now devotes her life to helping others through the Sheffield Recovery Community Forum and a women’s research project. Tracey’s story is a powerful example of post-traumatic growth, showing how adverse experiences can lead to significant personal development and a renewed sense of purpose. Her journey emphasizes the importance of support, resilience, and the ability to reflect and act upon one’s experiences. The episode also touches on the concept of post-traumatic growth, the impact of journaling, the complexities of recovery, and Tracey’s views on being authentic.

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