At Drug-Free America Foundation, we believe in the power of prevention; join us in celebrating Prevention Month this October. Prevention science, and decades of community-based experience, and scientific research show that prevention works1. Prevention strengthens protective factors and reduces risk factors in individuals, families, schools, communities, and society1.

Youth Substance Use Prevention

Did you know that Drug-Free America Foundation has a Young Professional Advisory Board dedicated to helping prevent youth substance misuse? We are currently accepting applications for the 2023-2024 term. Applicants should meet the following requirements:

  • 18-25 years old
  • Interest and knowledge in the substance use prevention field
  • Committed to a lifestyle of not misusing substances
  • Be able to commit to 1 year of service on the board
  • Meet monthly virtually

Please contact Chantel at if you know of any interested applicants.

What Can You Do?

Know What Resources Exist

SAMHSA’s “Talk. They Hear You.” campaign helps parents and caregivers, educators, and community members get informed, be prepared, and take action to prevent underage drinking and other substance use. Click here to learn more.

Participate in Prevention Events

  • Participate in SAMHSA’s Prevention Day – Prevention Day is the largest national gathering dedicated to substance misuse prevention.
  • Celebrate National Prevention Week – National Prevention Week recognizes the prevention initiatives of communities and organizations across the country.

Get Involved – Invest in Prevention

You can also make a difference during Prevention Month by supporting Drug-Free America Foundation, Inc. Your donation empowers the creation of impactful educational campaigns, valuable resources, and essential trainings for community members and professionals in our field. You can play a crucial role in the fight against drug abuse and a healthier, addiction-free world!


Additional Resources and References

One Choice Prevention a message of no use of any alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, or other drugs for reasons of health.

Learn about how protective factors can aid in prevention of substance misuse among youth.

Apps Every Parent/Caregiver Should Know