Drug Free America Foundation, in collaboration with Community Coalition Alliance (CCA), and the Florida Alliance for State Advocacy (FASA), organized Prevention Advocacy Day 2024 at the Florida State Capitol. Our event brought together drug prevention, treatment, recovery, and policy advocates from across the state, along with approximately 50 youth, to actively engage with lawmakers on several specific issues, including primary prevention and recovery strategies. Our goal was to visit every legislative office in the Capitol to provide the information and resources needed to address the substance use epidemic harming Floridians. Substance use prevention and treatment is continuously evolving and legislators must frequently keep up to date on the challenges of addressing the dangers of substances and learn about new cutting-edge solutions.

During our time at the Capitol, we had the privilege of hosting a press conference where our Executive Director, Amy Ronshausen, kicked off the proceedings. She was joined by State Senator Gayle Harrell, a long-time drug prevention advocate, along with Kathleen Roberts from CCA, Ashley Neal from FASA, and a remarkable youth speaker who emphasized the importance of prevention.


While at the Capitol, we came across a delightful sight on the Florida Women’s Wall of Fame—a photograph featuring our beloved Mrs. Sembler.

We extend gratitude to the legislators who met with our group and a heartfelt shout-out to all the youth who joined us. Witnessing so many young individuals unite for substance use prevention was truly inspiring.


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