In this powerful episode of the “Pathways to Prevention” podcast, Dave welcomes Boomer Rose, a fervent advocate and inspiring figure in the realms of prevention and recovery. Boomer shares his profound journey from overcoming personal adversities including addiction, incarceration, and homelessness to becoming a leading voice in community transformation. His story highlights the importance of lived experience in crafting interventions that truly resonate with vulnerable populations.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • Boomer’s personal path through recovery and how it has shaped his approach to helping others.
  • The role of gratitude, love, unity, and empowerment in healing and prevention.
  • Insights into Boomer’s non-profit work with Glue Tampa Bay and the holistic programs they offer to combat substance abuse and foster life skills in youth.
  • The innovative ways Boomer integrates technology into recovery and prevention efforts, including the development of a mobile app aimed at supporting those struggling with addiction.
  • Strategies for engaging youth and the community in conversations that lead to meaningful change.

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