This is an exciting month as October is recognized as National Substance Use Prevention Month and also highlights the largest substance use prevention campaign in the nation, Red Ribbon Week, which takes place every year on October 23rd – 31st. This year’s Red Ribbon Week theme, Celebrate Life. Live Drug Free.™ was created by two seventh grade students from New York and serves as a reminder of how communities are kept safe by the many who make daily contributions of being drug-free.
We had the pleasure of partnering with More2Life and celebrating Red Ribbon Week with students at Pizzo Elementary School in Tampa, Florida. During each grade level PE periods, we conducted interactive sessions where the students eagerly participated as they learned about the importance of making good choices and strategies to overcome peer pressure. At the end of each session, the students took a pledge to be drug-free and earned many Red Ribbon themed goodies like bracelets, stickers, pencils, and a coloring page diploma!
Celebrate Life. Live Drug Free.™
We incorporated this year’s theme, Celebrate Life. Live Drug Free.™ as we danced to music and celebrated Red Ribbon. The students loved showing off their dance moves!
Introducing One Choice
As we discussed the importance of making good choices, we introduced the students to the One Choice prevention message. They had a blast raising their finger in the air and shouting no to drugs as their proclamation to make the One Choice to be drug-free. Learn about One Choice
DFAF Becomes NFP Affiliate!
Drug Free America Foundation is thrilled to announce that we have partnered with National Family Partnership (NFP) and became an NFP Affiliate! National Family Partnership is a national sponsor for Red Ribbon Week and is also the organization behind the Lock Your Meds campaign. DFAF will work with NFP to strengthen their national network and fight for drug-free youth and families as we share the same goal to keep America healthy and drug-free.
If you are interested in joining our efforts to promote Red Ribbon Week and Lock Your Meds, become an NFP Affiliate today! Click here to learn more.
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