The second intersessional meeting will be taking place from 4 – 6 December, 2023. The purpose of the intersessional meetings are to review the progress made towards the challenges identified in the 2019 Ministerial Declaration in preparation for the 2024 Mid-Term Review. The meetings will be be divided into mornign and afternoon sessions with each session devoted to one of the challenges. See the schedule below:

4 December

  • Morning: Increase in drug-related deaths – unmet need for drug treatment and health services
  • Afternoon: High transmission rate of HIV, HCV, and other blood borne diseases associated with drug use

5 December

  • Morning: Adverse health consequences associated with new psychoactive substances
  • Afternoon: Health and regulatory challenges posed by synthethic opioids and nonmedical use of prescription drugs

6 December

  • Morning: Low availablity of international controlled substances for medical and scientic purposes
  • Afternoon: Way forward

Up to 3 NGOs will have the opportunity to speak for each topic.

The UNODC and Vienna NGOC held a very informative workshop, “The Road Towards 2024 – how to effectively engage in the CND thematic discussions,” covering tips on abstract writing, what the topics are for the thematic discussions, the VNGOC selection process for speakers, and more. Access the recording here.