In this powerful episode, Dave Closson sits down with Dr. David Patton, an Associate Professor in Criminology at the University of Derby, for an in-depth conversation about resilience, recovery, and the transformative power of lived experience.

Dr. David Patton shares his journey from growing up in a disadvantaged neighborhood in England to becoming an associate professor in criminology. He discusses the impact of social policies and economic changes on his community and how it shaped his desire to make a difference. Dr. Patton emphasizes the importance of identity, hope, and support from others in overcoming challenges and pursuing education. He also challenges the traditional academic approach to knowledge creation and highlights the value of participatory research methods, such as PhotoVoice, in giving voice to marginalized communities. Dr. David Patton discusses the power of participatory research and the importance of centering lived experiences in understanding addiction and recovery. He shares examples of how participatory research allows communities to own and disseminate their own stories, humanizing the data and challenging stigmatizing narratives. Dr. Patton also emphasizes the need for a strengths-based approach in recovery, focusing on individuals’ strengths and building on them for personal growth. He highlights the Global Position Paper on Inclusive Recovery Cities as a collaborative effort to create more inclusive pathways for recovery at the city level.


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