Join us for a riveting webinar, “Women and Weed,” on Friday, March 10th at 11 AM EST featuring LaTisha Bader, PhD, LP, LAC, CMPC. This presentation will outline the rapidly changing culture of cannabis use highlighting potency and routes of administration, perception of risk, and common exchanges regarding substance use and women’s issues. It will share popular products marketed to women and campaigns targeted to female-identified individuals. It will review public health concerns including child protective services, health concerns of using during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as the influence on self and family, and how to have an intelligent “cannabis conversation.”

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Webinar Objectives:
•Identify new trends in use, potency, products, and marketing practices that make women vulnerable to use.
•Discuss the relationship between cannabis and women’s health.
•Describe how the legalization of recreational cannabis has influenced public health, perception and consumption specifically targeting women.
•Review current research pertaining to addiction, parenting, and effective ways to communicate use deterrence.
Webinar Presenter: LaTisha Bader, PhD, LP, LAC, CMPC
Dr. Bader has worked in the field of mental health and addiction for more than 18 years. She graduated from the University of North Texas in 2007 with a PhD in counseling psychology and specialization in sport psychology, and completed her postdoctoral fellowship in Chemical Dependency at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. She is a Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Addiction Counselor, in addition is also a Certified Mental Performance Consultant working with elite athletes and teams.
Dr. Bader has worked in a variety of treatment settings including residential, outpatient, private practice, and Native American health care. She spends time in the sport environment in collegiate athletic departments, working with professional teams, and Olympic athletes. She currently compliments the multi-disciplinary team at Women’s Recovery by serving as the Chief Clinical Officer, advancing treatment for women. In addition, she maintains a private practice offering counseling, consultation, educational presentations, and sport psychology services. She authored a chapter in the evidenced based book, Cannabis in Medicine. She serves on the Speakers Bureau for the National Marijuana Initiative as a subject matter expert on emerging research, addiction and treatment.