“The opioid use disorder crisis affects women across all age groups, all racial groups, all ethnicities, all geographic quarters of America and all socioeconomic status levels.”  – BRIAN LECLAIR, HRSA PRINCIPAL DEPUTY ADMINISTRATOR


Healthline recently partnered with Healthy Women to create a resource to help raise awareness, reduce stigma, bring change, and provide support tools around the opioid epidemic, specifically the overt effects on women.

According to research the use of opioids as a medical treatment for pain is one of the more common pathways to opioid use disorder (OUD) for women in comparison to men. One of the underlying reasons for this is that women have reported more sensitivity to painful stimuli and therefore have a higher risk for pain. Healthline does a great job highlighting the many risk factors women face when it comes to OUD and how the option for gender based treatment could be beneficial in slowing the opioid epidemic.

Included in the campaign are four separate articles I’m a Doctor, and I Was Addicted to Opioids. It Can Happen to Anyone, How to Make Your Voice Heard, Its Time to Erase the Stigma Of Opioid Addiction: A Word From HealthyWomen CEO, and These Charities Support Women With OUD which features Drug Free America Foundation’s important work in educating women about the dangers of opioid use while pregnant. 

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