Join us Monday, October 23rd, at 1:00 pm (EST) for the next webinar as part of our Marijuana and Pregnancy Educational Project series highlighting the role of neuroscience and epigenetics as they relate to behavioral health and the potential implications of self-medicating with marijuana pre/during/post pregnancy with Dr. Evelyn Higgins DC, C Ad, DABDA, DACACD.

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Webinar Summary:

In this webinar, learn from a Certified Addictionologist about the genetic and neuroscience biochemical pathways that can influence individuals to self-medicate through marijuana use. The importance for advocates, practitioners, and individuals to have access to the biomarkers of behavioral health in order to prevent self-medication pre, post, and during pregnancy will be discussed.


Webinar Objectives:

  • Compare the inclusion of objective tools in mental health care to objective tools in physical healthcare.
  • Define single nucleotide polymorphisms and their role in behavioral health.
  • Describe how neurotransmitters, genetic SNPs, and hormones impact mental health.
  • Learn how the identification, isolation, and measurement of biochemical pathways more objectively informs practitioners during the treatment process.
  • Discuss how self-medicating with marijuana pre, during, and post-pregnancy may carry significant behavioral health consequences.

Webinar Presenter:

Dr. Evelyn Higgins DC, C Ad, DABDA, DACACD

Founder and CEO of Wired BioHealth (formerly Wired For Addiction)

Dr. Evelyn Higgins is a recognized international expert in the epidemiology of addiction and behavioral health complexities. As a Certified Addictionologist, Diplomate of the American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders, and Diplomate of the American Board of Disability Analysts specializing in pain management, Dr. Higgins has had the honor of advising the U.S. Surgeon General, producing and hosting a Gracie Award-winning nationally syndicated health and wellness terrestrial radio program, and serving as a 1996 Olympic Team Doctor and Olympic torch bearer.