A few moments ago, Drug Free America Foundation issued a news release unveiling our latest study concerning troubling results about marijuana legalization. In states that have legalized high-THC marijuana—either medically or recreationally—the frequency of marijuana-impaired driving is 32 percent higher than in states that haven’t. The study suggests that the loosened marijuana policies in the 18 less restrictive states resulted in a million more cases of marijuana-impaired driving.

The loosening of marijuana restrictions in states that have legalized the drug has introduced a more permissive culture. At the same time, little effort has been made to address the potential risks of marijuana-impaired driving. Americans are clearly responding to the policy enactment of marijuana programs, with self-reported past-year marijuana use skyrocketing from 10.4 percent in 2002 to 19.3 percent in 2021.

Simultaneously, marijuana potency has also grown exponentially, from the “Woodstock Weed” that contained THC levels of 1-3 percent to the modern commercial marijuana that averages THC levels of between 19.2 and 21.5 percent. The loosening of marijuana restrictions through state policy changes has introduced cultural changes in marijuana use perceptions, while little effort has been placed in reinforcing the potential risks marijuana-impaired driving places on traffic safety. Making matters worse, the challenge of detecting and enforcing marijuana-impaired driving laws remains an imperfect science. For example, most traditional blood alcohol or field sobriety tests are ineffective and inadmissible in court.

To amplify the results of this study and the need for action, Drug Free America Foundation has released a long form video detailing the dangers of marijuana-impaired driving. Additionally, three 15-second videos designed to educate decision makers and motorists on the issue will be promoted through a cross-platform digital marketing campaign in targeted media markets throughout the United States.

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