In this inspiring episode of the Pathways to Prevention podcast, host Dave sits down with Amy, the Executive Director of the Drug Free America Foundation. From an unexpected start with a humanities degree to becoming a leading voice in drug prevention, Amy shares her unique journey and the profound lessons learned along the way. This conversation sheds light on the personal experiences that shaped her, the importance of mentorship, and the impactful work being done to combat substance abuse globally.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Amy’s Unexpected Path: How a humanities graduate found her calling in the world of drug prevention.
  • The Power of Mentorship: The role of guidance and encouragement in shaping Amy’s career and outlook.
  • Behind the Scenes: A closer look at the Drug Free America Foundation’s global efforts in prevention.
  • Policy and Prevention: How policy shapes the landscape of drug prevention and the importance of staying adaptable.
  • Personal Insights: Amy’s reflections on the challenges and rewards of working in drug prevention.
  • Advice for Aspiring Advocates: Tips and wisdom for those looking to make a difference in the field of substance abuse prevention.